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Resin driveways

About Resin Bound

Resin Bound is probably the most popular surface at the moment and if done properly is a fantastic alternative to more traditional surfaces.

Resin Bound comes in all different colours and can be used for many different applications. It is low maintenance and ticks all the boxes when it comes to having it around your home.

The initial installation is at the top end of the scale price wise, but if properly maintained Resin Bound driveways really do stand the test of time.

All specifications and processes of work are designed for footpaths and residential driveways.

If you require information for a heavy commercial application please get in touch.

What is Resin Bound?

Resin Bound is a two part polyurethane resin that is mixed with a decorative aggregate and sand. Once the aggregate is coated in the resin it is levelled over a prepared surface at around 18-20mm. It is then troweled by hand to a smooth finish. A glass bead is added to the surface as it is laid to give extra grip under foot. It is crucial that the right resin in used along with the correct amount of aggregate to ensure a quality long lasting finish.

Main Advantages of Resin Bound Driveways

  • Fully porous (suds compliant)
  • Low maintenance
  • Many colours to choose from
  • Versatile design options
  • Nice everyday surface to live with
  • Adds major Kerb appeal
  • Overlay systems are cost effective with minimal disruption
  • Hard wearing & durable

Main Disadvantages of Resin Bound Driveways

  • Weeds can take hold if not properly maintained
  • Not the easiest surface to patch repair if needs to be dug up (can be done by a professional)
  • Certain colours show wear and tear (try to be sensible with colour choice)
  • Lots of companies give this great product a bad rep! Bad products and installation are usually to blame.
  • Initial cost is expensive when excavating.
  • Your neighbours will get jealous​​​​​​​

Annual Maintenance and Cost of Resin Bound Driveways

The best way to maintain resin bound is to give it a good jet wash.

For light maintenance use a hose pipe and sweep with a stiff brush, leaf blowers are also a great way to keep on top of a resin surface and will keep it looking at it's best for longer.

For a professional company to maintain a resin bound surface, expect to pay around £2-3 per SQM depending on size. If you have a jet wash it is an easy surface to clean and to keep on top of yourself, due to resin being porous it means that when washing the water is going directly into the surface and through it which really minimises any muck & water splatter to yourself and surrounding areas.

Be warned, if left with no maintenance for years it can be a much bigger job to get it to it's former glory.

For reduced rates on maintenance check out or contact them on 0113 260 8970 to get an estimate. Be sure to quote your job number and receive a 10% discount.

Warranty With This Installation

​​​​​​​All our resin bound installations come with a 10 year warranty certificate.

Examples of Resin

Brittney Pea

Autumn Gold

Autumn Green

Red Dawn

Danish Red

Midnight Bronze

Brittney Red

Brittney Pearl


Autumn Red


Brittney Black

Midnight Red



Red Terracotta

Brittney Bronze


Rustic Gold


Arctic Blue

Black Moon

Beige Red

Silver Grey Granite

Crimson Night

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  • Stain Resistant Icon
  • Weed Resistant Icon
  • Anti Slip Icon
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Resin driveways

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Frequently asked Questions

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Is Resin porous?

Yes, Resin Bound when installed over the properly specified sub base is fully porous and conforms with the SUDS regulations for permeable surfaces. 

How does the water drain away if laid over an existing surface that is not porous?

The water will still pass through the resin giving the benefit of no puddles or surface water, but the water will still run off under the resin as with the natural fall of the land. The water will pool in areas as it did before the resin it will just not be visible. It will dry and evaporate as usual.

If overlaying on an existing surface do you drill holes in that surface to help with drainage?

NO, not in any circumstances. If drainage is an issue on overlay systems then correct drain ducts and channels should be installed. Drilling holes in sound surfaces leads to all kinds of problems and is considered bad practice.

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